Human Resources Development and Workstyle Reforms

Basic Concept

As of the end of March 2021, the Company operates with a small number of staff members of only 46 employees. To enable operations to be carried out by this small group and to realize effective business management, the workplace must be where safe and pleasant work environment is ensured as well as where personality and individuality of each employee is respected so that everyone can maximize their potential. We will continue to promote workstyle reforms to achieve an appropriate work-life balance for our employees and work toward reinforcing human resource foundation.


Creating a pleasant work environment

The Company strives to create a pleasant work environment so that all employees can thrive, including enhancing support systems, such as leave programs for childcare and nursing, and actively hiring from the senior generation.

Number of individuals who took maternity/childcare leave, and who returned to work (persons)

2017/3 2018/3 2019/3 2020/3 2021/3 Total
No. of individuals who took maternity/childcare leave







No. of individuals who returned to work







Monthly average overtime* and paid holiday utilization ratio (hours, %)

2017/3 2018/3 2019/3 2020/3 2021/3
Monthly average overtime






Paid holiday utilization ratio






*Overtime is calculated based on the Company’s prescribed working hours (7 hours).

No. of senior employees (aged 60 or older) (persons)

2017/3 2018/3 2019/3 2020/3 2021/3
No. of senior employees






Creating a remote working system

As part of its efforts to promote workstyle reforms, the Company has been proceeding with the digitalization of documents and the adoption of various systems. We are promoting initiatives such as the distribution of thin client devices to all employees and building a system that allows flexible working at home or remotely.

Encouraging utilization of paid leave

The Company has a consecutive leave system where employees can take a leave up to five days consecutively once a year, which allows them to refresh mentally and physically. Together with the anniversary leave system, which was introduced in 2019, we have a unique leave system that encourages employees to take 13 days or more paid leave per year.

Healthcare of our employees

The healthcare of our employees is extremely important for us. The Company’s annual health checkup provides a thorough medical examination which far exceeds the level required by laws and regulations. All employees are eligible and the expense is entirely covered by the Company. We have also established a system to provide a fee coverage for the spouses of our employees.

Personnel system reform

We have abolished career categories such as “managerial” and “general,” allowing employees to increase the range of their job responsibilities and take on higher-level duties depending on their motivations and abilities, which enabled us to expand roles of employees. In addition, officers in charge provide each employee with feedback on his or her evaluation annually, such as conducting reviews of works in the year and confirming expectations for his or her roles, whereby promoting initiatives to help each employee make the maximum use of his or her abilities.

Qualifications Number of qualification holders (persons)
First-class registered architects


First-class registered construction management engineers


Registered electric works execution managers


Real estate notary


As of the end of March 2021

Qualification support system

The Company has established a system to support employees acquire qualifications, with the aim of providing opportunities for self-improvement and encouraging them to enhance their skills and motivation. The Company fully covers the expenses for seminars and exams for individually recognized qualifications, including that for a real estate notary for which the Company fully covers the expenses for seminars and exams.


Promoting health and productivity management

For the realization of sustainable growth, it is important to keep each of our employees healthy both mentally and physically. The Company has, therefore, prepared a Health and Productivity Management Declaration.

Health and Productivity Management Declaration

One of the principles under our Corporate Philosophy is “To provide valuable commercial space to customers so as to contribute to the community through the advancement of customers’ and our businesses.” At the same time as realizing this philosophy, we believe that, in order to improve productivity and performance, it is important for each of our employees to maximize their own abilities while aiming to maintain and improve their health, and we declare our commitment to health and productivity management.

Tsuneo Wakabayashi

Recognized 2021 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (SME Category)

The Company was recently recognized as a “2021 Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization (SME Category)” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi, an organization that operates the Recognition Program.