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Our Strengths

Supporting society by taking the lead in responding to needs

  1. Prime locations

    Offering highly convenient prime locations specialized for the needs of various businesses and local communities

  2. Advanced features

    Introducing the latest specs including security systems and entry access control by IC cards

  3. Safety

    Implementing the latest facilities, including seismic isolation structure, disaster-prevention equipment, and emergency generators to respond to the risk of power cuts

  4. Environment

    Practicing environmentally-friendly operations by adopting various energy-saving technologies, promoting rooftop and wall greening

Our Business

Office Building

Office Building

  • Keihanshin Midosuji Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Kawaramachi Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Yodoyabashi Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Azuchimachi Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Toranomon Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Onarimon Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Fuchu Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Yoyogi-koen Bldg.

Based on our principles of safety, comfort and consideration for the environment, we develop people-friendly office spaces that are highly convenient for transportation with only a few minutes walk from the nearest station and are equipped with the latest features.

Datacenter Building

Datacenter Building

  • Keihanshin OBP Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Nishishinsaibashi Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Shinmachi 1 Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Shin - Esaka Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Nakatsu Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Kitahorie Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Shinmachi 2 Bldg.
  • Keihanshin Toyosaki Bldg.

We offer urban-type buildings that boast the latest specs such as advanced disaster-prevention features, reliable power supply using emergency generators, and advanced security systems.

WINS Building

WINS Building

  • WINS Umeda A and B Bldg.
  • WINS Kobe B and C Bldg.
  • In Namba Parks(for WINS Namba)
  • WINS Kyoto Bldg.

We have leased off-track betting parlors (WINS buildings) to the Japan Racing Association (JRA) since our establishment, and are striving to beautify the facilities and improve the equipment.

Commercial Building and Logistics Warehouse

Commercial Building and Logistics Warehouse

  • Nagano Shopping Facility
  • Shijo - Kawaramachi Bldg.
  • Fujisawa Shopping Facility
  • Hirakata Warehouse
  • Kawagoe Distribution Center

With strong tenants that cater to needs of the local community entering our commercial facilities, we provide high value-added logistics bases which comply with the tenants’ requests.