Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Corporate Information

When was the company established?

It was established on December 24, 1948.

When was you company's stock listed?

The stock was listed on the First Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange in 1949.
Subsequently, it was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2003 and it has been listing on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange from 2022.

Information about the Stock

What is the securities code no.?

It is 8818.

What is the unit of trading for stock of your company?

It is 100 shares.

Please tell me how the amount the amount of dividends your company has paid so far has changed.

Please see "Dividends."

When is the Shareholders' Meeting of your company held?

Regular Shareholders' Meetings are held in June each year.

Please furnish us with information concerning the state of issuance of bonds of your company.

Which section of your company can I contact for information concerning matters relating to the stock such as transfer of ownership and a change in the address of a shareholder?

Please contact the brokerage you are dealing with. However, shareholders who hold shares of our company in a special account should contact Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited. For details, see "Information for Shareholders"

What is the date for determining shareholders of record?

The date for determining shareholders of record for the purpose of paying a term-end dividend is March 31 and for paying interim dividends is September 30 of each year.

Settlement of Accounts and Financial Affairs, etc.

When does your company settle accounts?

In March.

Please tell us when your company announces its settlement of accounts.

Please see "IR Calendar."

Where can I find the latest settlement of accounts of your company?

Please see "Consolidated Financial Results" in the IR Library.