Protecting the Environment

Basic Concept

As a company that specializes in the real estate leasing business, the Company is working to prolong the lives of buildings with a basic policy to “buy and hold.” We use external walls with fine appearance from the planning stage and implement planned repairs and renewals to prevent major accidents based on the idea of “preventive maintenance.” Such efforts are part of our attempt to prolong the lives of buildings and facilities. We aim to minimize the environmental impact by saving resources, away from the scrap-and-build approach, and using our buildings over a long term while switching aged equipment to new energy-saving devices.

Investments in renovations and repairs (million yen)


Energy-conservation initiatives

Anticipating future needs for ZEB (Net Zero Energy Buildings)*1, we work to make our buildings environment-friendly such as by adopting energy-saving facilities.

Introduction of BEMS*2

At the Yodoyabashi Building, we are carrying out a project to save energy through efficient equipment operations and management, by applying the building energy management and operation system called BEMS. Going forward, we will consider incorporating this system into other buildings, while verifying the energy efficiency of BEMS.

Air conditioning and lighting systems

We have introduced the zoning air-conditioning, which divides floors into multiple zones and adjusts the temperature of each zone, as well as the automatic light-adjusting system, which controls illumination according to the natural light coming in through windows detected by sensors. With the fine control of energy consumptions, we strive for efficient use of energy.

Shifting to energysaving equipment

We are implementing a series of facility upgrades to energy-saving models for lighting and air-conditioning devices at the timing of facility renewals or tenant replacement. We are introducing LED lightings mainly at office buildings and upgrading power substations and air-conditioning facilities at datacenter buildings.

  1. ZEB, which combines IT, energy-saving technologies, and renewable energy while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment, realizes virtually zero energy consumption. In Japan, the government has set a policy target with a goal of establishing ZEB as the average standard for new constructions by the year 2030.
  2. BEMS is a system that monitors and controls energy consumption in buildings. It realizes improved energy efficiency by gathering information from sensors installed in each facility to visualize the building’s energy consumption and performing fine control based on collected data.

Greening measures for buildings

The Company actively promotes greening of buildings in an aim to mitigate the heat island effect. We are introducing greenery in the lounge space as well as the surroundings of the OBP Building and the Toranomon Building, two of our newly constructed buildings.


Green building initiatives

We promote the acquisition of green building certifications, such as CASBEE real estate evaluation certification, in order to objectively assess the condition of our buildings through external evaluations and at the same time to use them as a reference for further improvement and enhancement.

1. Overview of CASBEE Real Estate Certification

The Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency (CASBEE) is a method for rating the environmental performance of buildings. The method comprehensively assesses building quality, including interior comfort and attention to the surrounding scenery, in addition to care for the environment (such as use of materials and equipment that conserve energy with a minimal environmental impact). For more information on CASBEE, please see the link below.

2. CASBEE Real Estate Certifi cation assessment rank

The CASBEE real estate certifications we have obtained are as follows:

Keihanshin Midousuji Building (S Rank) : 

March 31, 2021

March 31, 2021

Keihanshin Fuchu Building (S Rank) : 

October 31, 2021

Keihanshin Yodoyabashi Building (S Rank) : 

March 31, 2022

These Buildings were highly rated on the following points in particular.

  • High energy conservation performance and water conservation performance
  • High safety performance ( seismic isolation structures and measures to prolong life of building structure )
  • Greenery management and natural disaster preparedness that are appropriate for the site conditions

3. Future course

In order to continually enhance the value of the buildings, we will continue to actively promote a variety of initiatives to improve tenant satisfaction, including energy conservation measures.