Together with Our Shareholders and Investors

Together with Our Shareholders and Investors

Basic Concept

The Company aims to improve corporate value and heighten management efficiency and transparency by flexibly taking-in diverse opinions, while informing shareholders and investors about the Company through active communication and appropriate information disclosure.

Response to Corporate Governance Codes

(1) Ensuring shareholder equality and rights

When preparing to exercise voting rights at shareholder meetings, the Company considers factors such as shareholder attributes to appropriately exercise rights and to substantially secure the rights of all shareholders. Furthermore, it strives to have constructive dialogues, along with appropriate and fair information disclosure, to ensure equal rights for all shareholders.

The Company actively conducts IR activities to promote a dialogue with shareholders and investors. This includes activities such as enhancing the Company website with well-timed updates, enriching English documents for overseas investors, and conducting briefing session for investors. Management considers IR meetings to be significant opportunities to directly communicate with investors. For institutional investors, the Company holds financial result meetings twice a year in Tokyo, along with many individual meetings. For individual investors, we hold company information briefings so that more people can get to know our company better. These briefings are held at major cities around Japan every year. We will continue to implement active information disclosure and promote a constructive dialogue to sustainably improve our corporate value.

Company information briefing for individual investors

■Company information briefings held in the fiscal year ended March 2020
For institutional investors
Tokyo 2 briefings
Total of 2 briefings
For individual investors
Tokyo 4 briefings,
Osaka 1 briefing,
Nagoya 2 briefing,
Sapporo 1 briefing,
Fukuoka 1 briefing,
Nara 1 briefing
Total of 10 briefings

(2) Fair and appropriate information disclosure

The Company complies with laws and regulations based on the Disclosure of Information stated in its Code of Conduct, and it strives to conduct the appropriate and fair disclosure of corporate information on the optimal timing. The Company discloses information in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the timely disclosure regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Also, information that is not subject to these regulations but is deemed useful for our shareholders and investors is disclosed to the extent possible while taking into account the Fair Disclosure Rules.

(3) Revitalizing the Board of Directors and introducing the Executive Officer System

The Company has introduced the Executive Officer System to reinforce the supervisory functions of the Board of Directors and to improve the efficiency of business execution toward revitalizing the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors decides the fundamental corporate policies and supervises business execution. It receives reports on business matters and on the progress made in the Medium-Term Business Plan from the Executive Officers. Based on this, it holds active and constructive discussions with the participation of outside directors, enabling swift decision-making and heightened management transparency and fairness. We will actively work to realize even more highly effective supervision in the coming years.

(4) Dividends